Your teeth don’t have to show your age

cosmetic dentistry

We can’t stop ageing ? but we can make the best of what we already have. Looking after your skin and general appearance is one step. But what about your teeth? They are a revealing sign of ageing ? yet surprising things can be done today to reverse this process, says Dr. George Druttman, of […]

Demystifying root canal treatment

Many people have a deep-seated fear of root canal (endodontic) treatment. They will say ?not as bad as a root canal? ? as if it is one of the worst human experiences. Such fears are unfounded. In professional hands, root canal treatment is the best way to keep your natural teeth and preserve good dental […]

How to get the most from your partnership

Think of the relationship between you and your dentist as a partnership, your dentist can offer a range of dental treatment options for many oral health problems. These options will vary in complexity, durability and cost but working together, you can choose the treatment options that best suit your needs and budget. A good dentist […]

How to relax in the dentists chair

Be cool in the chair!!! If you’re anything like me you’ll feel varying degrees of anxiety when you find yourself sitting in the dentists chair, perhaps you can remember a specific incident from your childhood that brings back painful memories or maybe you don’t like the sounds and smells involved. Being afraid of the dentist […]